April 23, 2014


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Welcome to the National Fire Service Library

The Western Fire Chiefs Association has teamed up with Ronny Coleman to fulfill his dream of a creating a resouce library that can be shared by the fire service community. This effort is a culmination of decades of careful preservation of the documents and writings that represent the history of the fire service and the persistent efforts of those who have worked to modernized it.

Ronny Coleman is known as a man who sows the seeds of revolutions: He thrust forward residential sprinklers, fire service accreditation and boot camps for new fire chiefs. And he personifies "prolific." Through public speaking, writing (textbooks, manuals and more than 200 columns for Fire Chief), and TV and video projects, he has changed attitudes about the very nature of fire service management.

The National Fire Service Library is a depository of documents that are of value to the fire service. The searchable directories of documents include example SOP's and SOG's, white papers, operational documents, and training presentations.

The Library is searchable by keywords, specified criteria, and is browseable by directory. If you have documents that you would like to add as a resource to the National Fire Service Library, please send them electronically to info@fireservicelibrary.com.

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